The 2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment provides for the civil right of citizens to purchase and own firearms. I believe that it is a fundamental civil right on par with freedoms of speech, religion and press. The basic human right to defend one’s self and their family must be protected by and free from interference from the government. Accordingly, I view laws abridging the right of a citizen to own and possess a firearm with the greatest of scrutiny.

As a lifelong resident of this district, I understand the heritage in the outdoor sports that we all enjoy. Hunting, fishing and trapping are a way of life for many of us. The right to hunt is now protected constitutionally in Virginia, which I fully supported. However, we all must be vigilant to the defense of our right to own and possess firearms by realizing that the fact of the very need for such a constitutional amendment stands for the proposition that there are forces at work who would love nothing better than to disarm all of us. We must further understand, just as the drafters of the Constitution did, that all of the civil rights afforded to us are only as safe as our ability to defend the integrity of such an over-reaching, tyrannical government. Our federal government is currently in the control of these “gun grabbing” idealists. It is imperative that the General Assembly be on guard and take necessary action to protect against these federal transgressions. As your Delegate, I have supported all the rights afforded to us by the Second Amendment and oppose any and all legislation that attempts to infringe upon these rights.